Choose from a selection of my structured in-person or online retreats, or combine elements to create your own personalized retreat. Discover how Nature and your own creativity provide pathways and tools for profound shifts & enduring inspiration.

In Person Retreats

1:1 In Person Retreats are $1200-- from Friday to Sunday, (Or Saturday to Monday) all meals included, without lodging, or $1500-1700 with lodging included. 

Living The Gift

Guided meditations will help you identify hidden parts of yourself you have always wanted to explore. Journaling, movement, sounding, singing and visual art creation will help you to fathom and celebrate the gifts of your unique  being. 

Self Care, Self Nourishment

Recalibrate your relationship to food and your body with mind/body exercises focused on fine tuning your senses in  the context of Nature. Over the course of three days, I will also teach you to prepare eight supremely nourishing and delicious meals that are personalized to your  preferences and lifestyle goals.

The Burden Basket

What burdens have you been carrying that you are ready to let go? A three day journey of taking inventory, emptying, and allowing the authentic self to emerge and align with the forces of Nature, fully supported. You will learn to use sound practices and movement as  tools, as well as focused breathing, and silence.

Online, and Personalized Retreats

We'll discuss your time and travel availability, (or lack thereof), and personal goals to fashion an unforgettable experience. You'll come away with the specific kind of reset you most need. Ideally, these retreats will begin and end the same as the structured retreats, with ample breaks, and a closing ceremony just before noon on the last day. 

Personalized Retreats are priced the same as the Structured retreats. Online retreats are up to 50% less, depending on your time availability.