Elka is best known in her desert community as a gourmet chef, but she brings much more to the table.  

Life Coach/Guide


In need of a reset? See my Retreats page to read about my Self Nourishment, Creativity, and Burden Basket Retreats.

Voice Work

Have you always wanted to sing, but been told you "can't sing"? Allow me to help you unleash the healing power of your singing soul!

One on One Life Coaching

Do you feel disillusioned, disoriented, lost or otherwise ungrounded? Work with me to anchor yourself in your body, in your senses, with the medicines of Nature, Nurture, and Creativity.

My story

In 1993, I received what felt like a divine inspiration, and went to live in a remote river canyon in New Mexico, where I spent the next 23 years living completely off grid. There I learned to harvest, cook, and preserve wild plants, bake in a woodstove, chop wood, harvest rainwater, and homeschool a daughter. I hosted annual Wild Women's Gatherings, Wild Foods Gatherings, sweat lodge ceremonies, and many other ceremonies of transition for people from all over the world, most of them women. I left the Anima Sanctuary in 2016 to start a new life, and have been slowly finding my way back to hosting retreats again in the context of civilization.