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​​Hi, I'm Elka Wilder.

Do you want to experience the simplest joys

in the deepest ways possible?

Imagine waking up to a sweeping vista of a desert sunrise. You're awakened by flutesong and candlelight, and the scent of baking apples. You spent the previous evening enjoying a "Singing Sound Bath," and a blindfolded dinner, and listening to stories about my 23 years living in the wilderness around a campfire.


After some gentle stretches and chanting we'll chat over Rosemary Nettle Tea about what kind of desert vision quest most suits your state of mind/body/soul.


I've been curating personalized retreats for over two decades. I work with online clients, cater, lead vision quests, and create private events. I'm most known in my community for my "rustic gourmet" cuisine, one on one vocal activation work, and the "Tea and Song" ceremonies I offer at the biannual  Joshua Tree Music Festival. 

​Please email me at if you would like to book a call with me to discuss your needs, or if you have any questions.

If you'd like to receive monthly updates and news about my exclusive offerings, please make use of the contact form. Thanks so much. I look forward to being in touch!


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