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Singing Sound Baths

"I felt like I was hearing the sounds of Heaven."

This is common feedback from my Singing Sound Bath participants. And yet, perhaps the highest compliment I've received thus far, was this one: " I felt like I was floating-- and more grounded than ever."


In my Singing Sound Baths, I strive to unite the realms of Earth and Cosmos through the harmonic sounds of my singing bowls and the use of my own voice.

Everyone is encouraged to recline with a pillow and a blanket, with whatever furniture, mats, or cushions on the floor they might prefer. I create an intentional space with a rattle, and then move slowly into the sounds of the singing bowls and vocal harmonies. Depending on the preferences of the guests, I may or may not weave in some evocative words into the vocals. Often, I simply share the melodies that come to me in their most primal state. To me, it feels something like I'm becoming the voice of both the ancient human and the timeless, elemental world. I sing a prayer of full embodiment and soul expression, with the intent to bring balance and harmony. Yet, it is not uncommon that deep feelings may come to the surface, in this safe container.


The session usually takes at least 45 minutes, and can be as long as 90 minutes. Please let me know your preference for length in when we book the session. It's good to allow an extra 15 minutes of so after the sound bath itself for everyone to share any impressions and feelings that may arise. 

If you would like to have a combination Sound Bath and Story/Tea & Song Sharing session, that's also an option. 

Pricing for this experience is $150 for up to four participants, and $20 more for each additional participant. When you book a Private Dinner as well, there is a $25 discount.


I look forward to sharing this very special time with you!  

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