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Menu Planning Services/ Chef Coaching


I provide food and services that nourish the spirit as well as the body. I am here to remind us that we have far more than five senses, and to help you engage as many of them as possible, with gratitude and presence.

Do you enjoy cooking, but get overwhelmed by figuring out what to cook and eat? Are you finding yourself in the same old food ruts, just because it's easier that way? Would you like to try new foods, expand your cooking repertoire, and enjoy the pleasure of being someone who loves to eat, more deeply? 


I have many years of experience working with clients with just about every kind of particular food need. Whether you are vegan, paleo, keto, vegetarian, omnivore, or only eat raw foods, I can design a special dietary plan for you customized to your skill level and specifications, complete with easy to follow recipes and directions. Artistic plating advice is also available. A custom made 30 day meal plan, complete with recipes, is $500, with a completed questionnaire required before our appointment. A 30-90 minute follow-up Zoom appointment is suggested for people recovering from unhealthy habits and food disorders.

Or, allow me to discuss with you what foods you have around and/or are intrigued by that you wish you knew how to make better use of, along with strategies for eating better. and engaging as many of your senses as possible every single day. This service is $100 for a 90 minute session, with a completed questionnaire required before our appointment. Follow-up appointments are suggested for people recovering from unhealthy habits and food disorders.

More Private Chef offerings:

Special Meals and Retreat Services:

"Your cooking this whole weekend has been a party in mouth, three times a day." -- Holly

You can hire me to come to your home or rental to prepare a special dinner for an intimate party of two or more people. We can include an appetizer, an herb-infused beverage, homemade pasta and/or bread, herb butter, pesto, soup or stew, delicious sauces, a one of a kind salad, grilled meat, and/or a delightful dessert!

I will also cater larger parties and retreats of up to 20 people.

Depending on the menu, the size of the group, the style of the meal, and the specific dietary needs of the guests, the cost will range from $80-$250/person, as I have a $500 minimum for private dinners. There is a $350 minimum for all breakfasts, brunches, and lunches.

Parties of four or less are offered a complimentary "Singing Sound Bath" as part of their experience. For parties of five,  the sound bath is $125, and $20 more for each additional person.

The price includes a Zoom or phone consultation to discuss your ideas and any special needs, and a follow-up phone call if needed.


Blindfolded Meals: A Feast of the Senses

It's amazing how when you take away the power of vision, our other senses come into sharper focus, and so does our capacity for presence. 

This meal includes a relaxing aromatherapy and singing bowl ceremony before we sit at the table, to set the tone of presence and openness to new experiences. It's highly suggested that you embrace this feast "hands-on"-- with no utensils-- cloth napkins and hot water are provided.


Depending on the menu, number of diners, and the number of courses, this meal ranges from $150-$250 per person. You can have anywhere from six to ten courses. Some of the courses will receive new embellishments while you are eating them!


Fridge and Pantry Magic

Do you have items in your fridge and pantry that have been sitting around for months or even years, that you've been meaning to do something special with, but lack the know-how or inspiration to put to use? I can help! This is actually one of my very favorite ways to work with food! I can bring a few basic items and turn all those special items into treats that will delight you for the week to come!

My charge for this service is $45/hour for instruction, food production, and organization/cleaning of fridge and pantry. And be assured that the entire kitchen will be left cleaner than it was upon arrival.

Depending on my schedule for the week, I will need at least 72 hours notice for any of these services, but prefer to schedule you a month ahead of time.


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