Sky & Sand Desert Woman Retreats

Over the years, I have led, taught, and/or shared with hundreds of women my own ways of being with solitude and silence, breath and voice work, ReWilding activities, plants, healing touch, solo nature quests, food preservation, gourmet baking, artistic food plating, journal and poetry writing, watercolor painting, Butoh dance,"PainFree" physical therapy (which healed me from a literally crippling downhill spiral in my late 30s), and more.  Together we can fashion a retreat that fulfills your most potent needs and desires.

Do you crave playfulness and fun? Sensuality? Release of pent up emotions? Creativity and courage?

Whatever flavor of experience you want, I'm here to assist.

Sacred Indulgence: A Deep Dive into Pleasure and Play

The Sacred Indulgence Retreat is designed for women who are ready to embrace the gifts of the sensual world at a level they've probably never experienced before, unless they've been kidnapped by Glenda the Good Witch and brought to her castle to be treated like a goddess by Glenda herself, with a little tribe of faeries devoted to merriment along for the ride!

I've been told that just hanging out with me is like an education in the art of playfulness. As much as I love to deal with and befriend my demons, I feel like my sense of humor and natural lightness of being is as vital to me as my natural depth. (Yes, I'm a quintessential Libra Sun, Scorpio moon :))  I'll forever be a child at heart, and a serious goof ball! Really, I think that's all it takes for others to feel comfortable accessing their inner child, the child I believe is in every single one of us-- that longs to be silly, have FUN, and laugh until it hurts! I would be so honored to get to share my most playful self with you! I can't tell you exactly how this will manifest in our retreat. It's truly different in every circumstance, all part of the magic!


Before your arrival, we'll chat on Zoom about all your favorite and not-so favorite things, so I get a good idea of how best to curate our days of pleasure and fun. You will be given all the space, time and personal attention you wish for. Daily activities will be centered around rest & rejuvenation, nourishment, healing touch, sound baths, guided meditations and/or storytelling, restorative yoga and/or dance/movement, and generally doing all the things that make you feel that all is right with the world.

The organic meals I'll serve will balance sensuality and healthfulness. If you want If you want even more Healing Touch than the full body herbal washes, and foot and face massage that I offer myself, we can arrange an appointment with a massage therapist friend, and/or a trip to a nearby spa or hot springs. The basic price, for a one on one Sacred Indulgence retreat, with lodging at my sweet desert cabin, and all meals included, is $950 per 24 hours. Each additional person is $450 per full day. If you would like me to rent an extra stylish Joshua Tree space for us to enjoy, it's an additional $350-$800 per day, depending on what's available.

Words about my Sacred Indulgence experiences from clients:

"You have the touch. You just have it." -- Cheryl

"I felt just like a Queen." --Sarah

"The experience you crafted was exquisite." --Imelda

Nature and Nurture: Calm, Connect, and Revitalize

The Nature and Nurture Retreat is geared towards women who want to deeply experience one of the greatest gifts of the desert: emptiness and silence. 

It's for women who are weary of having to improve themselves in any way. Women who know that they don't "need" anything to feel complete, except for space and time to breathe, but would appreciate being "held" by me in that space, in some energetic way.

I will interview you ahead of time to see what degree of involvement from me you would most prefer. If you like, you can be on your own most of the time, and I will deliver you delicious meals and serenade you from a distance each day. We might spend a few hours together each morning doing restorative movement practices, meditation, or breath work, and maybe share tea and songs or storytelling by the fire in the evening.

Pricing for this retreat is $400 per 24 hours. Bring a friend for an additional $150 per day.

"You are the best at nurturing. The best!" --- Monica

"Just having this time and space to be myself, with your food and songs, and your support, has helped me more than I ever thought possible." -- Melissa


ReWilding: Stoking the Fire of the Soul

[The Wild Woman] is ideas, feelings, urges, and memory. She has been lost and half-forgotten for a long, long time. She is the source, the light, the night, the dark, and daybreak. She is the smell of good mud and the back leg of the fox. The birds which tell us secrets belong to her. She is the voice that says, this way, this way."     -- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Have you felt the fire of your soul fading to an ember? I would love to assist you in bringing your soul-fire back to life.


Imagine that I am sitting by a fire, extending a hand to you to come sit with me, and enter into a dream.


In the dreamscape that I wish to share with you, I invite you to consider every unloved part of yourself to be worthy of space and time. Every unloved and/or unexpressed part of you, worthy of a voice that is heard, and appreciated. I invite you to consider that your unique gifts and potentials may be worthy of exploring in fullest detail, no matter how much you tell yourself that you're "too old" or "can't even carry a tune." You will be encouraged to dream, to dance, to sing, to play, to create, and to share your dreams as well as your fears and frustrations.

I'll help you tune into your own rhythm. You'll eat delicious food when you're hungry, and enjoy space and time to explore the desert. Maybe you'll decide to take advantage of the fact that you can choose to feel free enough to walk the land with me, topless. Maybe you'll choose to paint a desert scene on a canvas I'll provide. Do you want some encouragement and guidance with poetry? Using your voice? Do you want to share stories you've never told a soul? Be guided to express repressed sounds of anger or grief? Or welcome bliss though the ecstasy of dancing with the desert wind, in a flowy broomstick skirt or a faerytale princess dress?


You will return from your time in the desert, knowing more deeply than ever the ways that you belong to the fire, to the wind, to the emptiness of sand and sky. You will know more deeply the ways you are as precious as water.... the ways that you are the Wild Woman, and are here on Earth to dance her dance, and sing her song.


$500-$750 for one person, per 24 hours, all meals and lodging included. Each additional person is $250 per day.




Please give me 6-8 weeks notice so I can save the dates for you.


If you feel inspired to come with your sisters, your mother, or your daughter/s, you are welcome to do so. For the Nurture & Nature retreat, men are also welcome. A Zoom interview is required for any men I don't know personally. 


There will be a special Mothers & Daughters Retreat and a Sisters (Blood Sisters & Soul Sisters) Retreat once each season, as well as other organized special events.

I'm happy to discuss partial trades.


I would suggest spending at least two or three nights with me for your first retreat, if you're able to give yourself the gift of that much time.


Please join my mailing list on the Contact form to stay informed of dates and other details, and write to me at with any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you!

<3 Elka