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Personalized Desert Retreats

Do you crave playfulness and fun? Sensuality? A more mindful and loving relationship with your food and your body? Release of pent up emotions? Creativity and courage?

Whatever flavors you want, I'm here to curate a well-balanced and nourishing experience.

I can include any of the following:

"Nourishing from the Roots" personalized guidance-- addressing food and body issues (I will explain more to those who are interested in a free consultation call)

Exploring the Story of Our Voices with writing prompts

Guided Voice Journeying Sessions

Guided Ecstasy of Grief Journey

Ecstatic Dance Sessions

Burden Basket Ceremony

Singing Sound Bath

A Blindfolded Meal

Plant Medicine Making 

Instruction in Acorn Processing and Cooking with Acorns

Personalized cooking Instruction & artistic plating skills

Included in the price of your retreat is one of the following:

1. A massage: Thai or deep tissue, with a professional  

2. An sunset soak at a local hot spring

3. Foot and scalp massage with aromatherapy and/or a full body herbal scrub, with me

If you would like more than one of the above three choices, I'm happy arrange that for an extra fee.

I'll need you to answer some questions that will help me discover just the right blend of elements for you and any companions. Please submit a request for the application through email at Thanks so much!


"I will never forget my experience with you -- it will always be held as my deepest connection to who I truly am -- stripped of the need or ability to hide -- the veil lifted -- freed from the burden and noise of ego, desires, and wounds. I will cherish the awakening for all of my days, as will I remember your delight of my own blossoming into myself. Your authenticity, transparency, vulnerability, childlike bliss, wisdom, genuine celebration for others finding their way home, your incredible singing, and your beautiful presence will live forever in my heart's memory. And I love your writing so please keep it coming."


Pricing for my Personalized Retreats: $850 for each 24 hours for a one on one experience, inclusive of all meals and lodging in my lovely and humble bohemian desert home. I'm open to discussing partial trades. Retreats are usually three nights and a total of about three days for a first time guest.

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