Elements of Life Retreats

The Elements of Life Retreats

Due to COVID-19, the format of these retreats has been changed to reflect social distancing guidelines. Please contact me for specifics.


Come experience the beauty of your own Self. Breathe, allow space and stillness. Grow closer to Nature, while nurturing your own, unique nature. Unleash your voice, work on harmonics, write a song, paint, dance, cook. Experience water, wind, sunrise, sunset, fire, held in the expansiveness of the Desert. Write, rest, and rejuvenate in a beautiful home that feels like an artist’s retreat. 

I can craft an experience for you weaving together any of these activities and subjects:


The Art of Beautiful and Healthful Food

Arts and Crafts

The Healing Power of Storytelling/ Writing

Exploring Voice


Guided Meditations

Yin Yoga

Elemental Medicine

Expressive Movement/Dance

There is no set agenda for these Elements of Life Retreats. I will form them to your wishes and desires, and fill the hours with the things that help you and your companions (unless you are coming solo) to feel most whole, well tended, challenged in the best of ways, and at home in yourselves.

Sister Tribe Retreats

"Sister Tribe" is a term I came up with back in 2001 when I was first hosting the Wild Women's Gatherings at my wilderness home in New Mexico. It was inspired by a vision I've held since then of finding ways to weave our sisterhood more purposefully in the world, creating magic and medicine in the act of us coming together to heal ourselves and each other through the simplest, most elemental acts. 

When I lived in the canyon, this came as naturally and easily as breathing, for there was always wood that needed to be gathered, fire circles to be dug out, water that needed to be carried from the river, and heated up over the fire. In summer, when most of the gatherings happened, there were abundant wild greens that needed to be harvested to add to our meals. I would teach the women the songs that I felt came to me from the land as we gathered greens and cooked.


By the Spring of 2022 I will be offering Sister Tribe retreats on my own 10 acre parcel of desert property in Joshua Tree. My little homestead will be entirely off-grid, the perfect space for reconnection to the simple things in life! I will also welcome mothers to come with their children, provided the children are truly "on board" for a transformative experience!

Guided Wilderness Journeys

Depending on the season, we can venture out for either a daytime experience at a wild desert location, or spend a night out with the stars and the silence. I can share with you my knowledge of the native plants, we can cook out in the open, sing with the coyotes, create nature mandalas, paint, journal, and dance with the wind. Upon returning, we can make a healing salve with plants we've gathered for you to take home.


*At present, due to COVID-19, Group retreats are limited to individuals, couples, families, and family "pods" 

The retreat space can accommodate groups of up to six.


The pricing is as such: (per person sliding scale fee, includes all meals, instruction/guidance, land fee)


For groups of three or more: 

$150-$300 per night


For a solo retreat: 

$350-$500 per night 


For a two person retreat:

$250-$350 per night, per person sliding scale fee


If you pay the higher amount on the sliding scale I will supply foods that are almost entirely sourced at our local farmer's market. Please let me know if you would prefer vegetarian or vegan cuisine, or if you have other special dietary needs.