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Elka lives a life in close relation with the elemental world, looking to her dreams and visions for instruction and guidance. She considers the simple joys of cooking outside, and sleeping, sitting, drinking tea, dancing, and singing outdoors to be among the most profound ceremonial acts. For 23 years she lived in the wilderness, in a river canyon seven river crossings from the nearest road. Although she left five years ago, this canyon lives in her bones, and its song still echoes through her.


Her purpose in this life is to honor and celebrate the simplest gifts of life: the many gifts of the Earth, the blessings of true community, the joys of sharing song, story, dreams, and food. 

From this space of connection it gives her great joy to guide others in their own re-membering. In our modern culture's quest for More, what has been lost, and what can we regain, with the gift of our own presence?

For over two decades, Elka has led women from all over the world in vision quests, sweat lodges, wild foods gathering workshops, and sharing circles. She’s guided hundreds of people in learning how to cook with fire, create and tend sacred spaces, chop wood, can preserves, and bake bread. Since leaving her wilderness home, she has been finding ways to integrate the gifts of nature in the context of the modern world, while honoring and appreciating the unique blessings of each individual.

This is a letter received recently from someone she worked with in New Mexico over 10 years ago:

"I will never forget my experience in the canyon with you -- it will always be held as my deepest connection to who I truly am -- stripped of the need or ability to hide -- the veil lifted -- freed from the burden and noise of ego, desires, and wounds. I will cherish the awakening for all of my days, as will I remember your delight of my own blossoming into myself. Your authenticity, transparency, vulnerability, childlike bliss, wisdom, genuine celebration for others finding their way home, your incredible singing, and your beautiful presence will live forever in my heart's memory. And I love your writing so please keep it coming.

I've long desired the opportunity to say a great big, heartfelt "THANK YOU"!!!"


                                                                                                            - Shar


From a current client:


"Elka is exceptionally gifted at holding compassionate space that invites and facilitates authentic sharing of the true self. In her presence, I have consistently felt honored, heard, and understood. Her keen insight into matters of the heart and spirit has been invaluable to me. Elka is a powerful ally on the process of self-recovery and empowerment, and her work in this world is a blessing."



From a Colleague:


“Elka’s uninhibited, brave, wild, sensual and playful nature sparkles through everything she offers. I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to enjoy life more fully, explore and expand edges of comfort, taste beauty and sing the heart’s true voice.”


                                                                                                                  -elise kost, Instructor, Four Winds Healing School


Image by Jack Anstey
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