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Living the Gift:
       In Joshua Tree, CA 
A Retreat for Women
   April 8-10, 2022

Elemental Self Care Practices

The Art of Feeding Ourselves

Freeing Our Voices

Expressive Movement


*Elka Wilder: ReWilding & wild food educator, songstress, chef, and guide in Elemental Self-care

Come at 1-3pm Friday for an Opening Circle at 3pm.

Closing circle will finish at 3pm Sunday.

 Please send an email to to RSVP, ask any questions, and/or receive the rest of the details. Thanks so much!


“I will never forget my experience -- it will always be held as my deepest connection to who I truly am -- stripped of the need or ability to hide -- the veil lifted -- Your authenticity, transparency, vulnerability, childlike bliss, wisdom, genuine celebration for others finding their way home, your incredible singing, and your beautiful presence will live forever in my heart's memory.  I've long desired the opportunity to say a great big, heartfelt "THANK YOU”!!!” — Shar


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